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Taiwan's main island is also known as Formosa meaning 'beautiful' in Portuguese China considers Taiwan as its 23rd province The tallest building in the world is Taipei 101 building having the height of 509 mt

  Taiwan Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 23° 00' N, 120° 40' E
Area 36000 km2
Capital Taipei
Time Zone UTC+8
Official Name Republic of China
Currency New Taiwan Dollar (TWD)
Government Multiparty Democracy
Legislature Unicameral
Population 22920946
Independence Date N.A.
International Dialing Code 886
ISO Code alpha-3 TW
ISO Code alpha-2 TWN
GDP per Capita (PPP) $33,000.00
Climate Type Humid Subtropical
Major Language(s) Hakka, Mandarin Chinese (official), Taiwanese
Major Ethnic Groups Chinese, Taiwanese
Major Religious Groups Buddhist, Christian, Taoist
Administrative Divisions 18 Counties (hsien), 5 Municipalities (shih) and 2 Special municipalities (chuan-shih)
Neighbouring Countries N.A. (Island)
Major Industries Chemical, Iron and steel, Construction material, Consumer goods, Textile, Food processing, Weapons
Natural Resources Coal, Limestone, Marble, Natural gas