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The International Committee of Red Cross was founded in Geneva (1863) and the flag of Red cross is the flag of Switzerland with the colours inverted The Niesenbahn in the Swiss Kandertal is the longest continuous-cable funicular in Europe Switzerland's only national park, Swiss National Park, is one the oldest in Europe Geneva is the seat of many other inter-governmental organizations and international non-governmental organizations

  Switzerland Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 46º 40' N, 8º 30' E
Area 41300 km2
Capital Bern
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name Swiss Confederation
Currency Swiss Franc (CHF)
Government Federal Parliamentary republic
Legislature Bicameral
Population 7581520
Independence Date Sept 22, 1499
International Dialing Code 41
ISO Code alpha-3 CH
ISO Code alpha-2 CHE
GDP per Capita (PPP) $40,900.00
Climate Type Temperate and Tundra
Major Language(s) Albanian, English, French (official), German (official), Italian (official), Portuguese, Romansch (official), Spanish, Serbo-Croatian
Major Ethnic Groups German, French, Italian, Romansch
Major Religious Groups Christian (Roman Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox), Muslim
Administrative Divisions 23 Cantons (Kantone)
Neighbouring Countries Austria, France, Italy, Liechtenstein, Germany
Major Industries Machinery, Chemical, Watch industry, Textile and Apparel, Transportation Equipment, Tourism, Banking, Insurance
Natural Resources Hydelower potential, Wood