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Nordstan is the largest shopping mall in Northern Europe Sweden, along with Norway and Denmark has the highest V.A.T. (Value Added Tax) rate at 25% It has highest no. of McDonald restaurants per Capita restaurants in Europe The first ice hotel of the world was built near the village of Jukkasjärvi, in Kiruna district of Sweden

  Sweden Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 61º 00' N, 14º 30'E
Area 450295 km2
Capital Stockholm
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name Kingdom of Sweden
Currency Swedish Krona (SEK)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Unicameral
Population 9045389
Independence Date Before 836
International Dialing Code 46
ISO Code alpha-3 SE
ISO Code alpha-2 SWE
GDP per Capita (PPP) $37,500.00
Climate Type Temperate and Subarctic
Major Language(s) Finnish, Swedish, Sami languages
Major Ethnic Groups Swedish, European, Asian, African
Major Religious Groups Christian (Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist), Jewish, Muslim
Administrative Divisions 21 Counties (lan)
Neighbouring Countries Finland, Norway
Major Industries Mining, Precision equipment, Iron and Steel, Food processing, Timber, Motor vehicles
Natural Resources Copper, Feldspar, Gold, Iron ore, Lead, Silver, Tungsten, Uranium, Hydelpower, Timber