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The village of Vlkolinec, a World Heritage site, has a large grouping of traditional log houses that are usually found in mountainous areas, The Slovak Republic is located at the precise geographic center of Europe. Hence, this Central European country is referred to as the `Country at the Heart of Europe.` , World's highest per capita car production, at 106 cars per 1,000 inhabitants, is done by Slovakia

  Slovakia Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 49º 00' N, 19º 00' E
Area 49000 km2
Capital Bratislava
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name Slovak Republic
Currency Slovak Koruna (SKK)
Government Republic
Legislature Unicameral
Population 5455407
Independence Date 01/01/93
International Dialing Code 421
ISO Code alpha-3 SK
ISO Code alpha-2 SVK
GDP per Capita (PPP) $20,200.00
Climate Type Temperate
Major Language(s) Hungarian, Romani, Slovak (official), Ukrainian
Major Ethnic Groups Hungarian, Slovak
Major Religious Groups Christian (Roman Catholic Church, Evangelical Church of Augsburg Affiliation)
Administrative Divisions 8 Regions (kraje)
Neighbouring Countries Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine
Major Industries Food and beverages, Metal and Metal products, Power industry, Chemical, Machinery, Paper and printing, Motor vehicles, Textile, electrical and rubber products, Oil and gas, Nuclear fuel, Ceramics
Natural Resources Coal, Copper, Iron ore, Manganese, salt, cultivable land