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Geographically Poland is in center of Europe not in Eastern Europe, Name “Poland” comes from the name of the tribe “Polanie” what used to mean “people living in open fields”, Suchowola town is the geometrical central point of whole continent, Polish people have the largest households in the European Union

  Poland Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 53º 00' N, 18º 00' E
Area 312685 km2
Capital Warsaw
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name Republic of Poland
Currency Zloty (PLN)
Government Republic
Legislature Bicameral
Population 38500696
Independence Date 11/10/18
International Dialing Code 48
ISO Code alpha-3 PL
ISO Code alpha-2 POL
GDP per Capita (PPP) $16,200.00
Climate Type Temperate
Major Language(s) Byelorussian, German, Kashubian, Polish (official), Russian
Major Ethnic Groups Polish
Major Religious Groups Christian (Roman Catholic)
Administrative Divisions 16 Voivodeships/Provinces (województwa)
Neighbouring Countries Belarus, Czech Republic, Germany, Lithuania, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine
Major Industries Mining, Machinery, Iron and Steel, Chemical, Textile, Food processing and beverages, Timber and paper, Shipbuilding
Natural Resources Coal, Copper, Lead, Natural Gas, Silver, Sulfur, Cultivable land