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Hong Kong was a British dependent territory from 1842 to 1997 when its sovereignty was trasfered to People's Republic of China, Tsing Ma bridge, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world, links the Lantau Island (which has the Hong Kong's new airport) to the mainland, Hong Kong is one of the most populated areas in the world, In contrast to mainland China's civil law system, Hong Kong continues to follow the English Common Law tradition established during British rule

  Hong Kong Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 22º 15' N, 114º 10' E
Area 1092 km2
Capital N.A.
Time Zone UTC+8
Official Name Hong Kong Special Administrative Region
Currency Hong Kong Dollars (HKD)
Government Limited democracy (Special Administrative Dependency of China)
Legislature Unicameral
Population 7018636
Independence Date N.A.
International Dialing Code 852
ISO Code alpha-3 HK
ISO Code alpha-2 HKG
GDP per Capita (PPP) $45,300.00
Climate Type Subtropical
Major Language(s) Chinese/Cantonese (official)
Major Ethnic Groups Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian
Major Religious Groups Buddhist, Christian (Protestant, Roamn Catholic), Muslim, Taoist
Administrative Divisions None (Special Administrative Dependency of China, but is divided into 18 districts)
Neighbouring Countries China
Major Industries Tourism, Textile and Apparel, Shipping, Electronics, Plastic, Banking
Natural Resources Feldspar, Deep water harbour