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France is the largest European country in area after Russia and Ukraine It is one of the largest wine producers in the world TGV train in France set the record for the fastest wheeled train, having reached 574.8 km/h (357 mph) on 3 April 2007, and also holds the world's highest average speed for a regular passenger service France is the world's most visited country

  France Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 47º 00' N, 3º 00' E
Area 547000 km2
Capital Paris
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name French Republic
Currency Euro (EUR)
Government Republic
Legislature Bicameral
Population 64057792
Independence Date August 843
International Dialing Code 33
ISO Code alpha-3 FR
ISO Code alpha-2 FRA
GDP per Capita (PPP) $32,700.00
Climate Type Temperate Maritime, Subarctic and Mediterranean
Major Language(s) Alsatian, Basque, Breton, Catalan, Corsican, Flemish, French (official), Provencal
Major Ethnic Groups Algerian Arab, Algerian and Moroccan Berber, Basque, Catalan, Fleming, French, German, Italian, Jewish, Moroccan Arab, Portuguese, Vietnamese
Major Religious Groups Christian (Roman Catholic, Protestant), Jewish, Muslim
Administrative Divisions 22 Metropolitan Regions and 4 Overseas Regions: Guadeloupe, French Guinea, Martinique, and Reunion; Overseas Territories: French Polynesia, French Southern and Antarctic Lands, New Caledonia, Wallis
Neighbouring Countries Andorra, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland; Brazil, Suriname (through French Guinea)
Major Industries Machinery, Chemical, Metal works, Aircraft, Electronics, Textiles, Food processing, Tourism
Natural Resources Antimony, Arsenic, Bauxite, Coal, Gypsum, Iron Ore, Potash, Uranium, Zinc, Feldspar, Fluorspar, Timber, Fish