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Danish royal family is amongst the oldest uninterrupted monarchy in Europe The Eastern Bridge of Great Belt has the world's second longest free span of 1,624 mt Strøget in Copenhagen is Europes longest pedestrianised shopping street Danneborg, the Denmark National flag, is the world's oldest State flag still in use

  Denmark Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 55º 30' N, 9º 00' E
Area 43100 km2
Capital Copenhagen
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name Kingdom of Denmark
Currency Danish Krone (DKK)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Unicameral
Population 5484723
Independence Date 800 BC
International Dialing Code 45
ISO Code alpha-3 DK
ISO Code alpha-2 DNK
GDP per Capita (PPP) $37,200.00
Climate Type Temperate and Maritime
Major Language(s) Danish (official), English, Faroese, German, Greenlandic
Major Ethnic Groups Danish
Major Religious Groups Christian (Evangelical Lutheran (official))
Administrative Divisions 5 Regions (Regioner); 2 Autonomous Territories: Faroe Islands, Greenland
Neighbouring Countries Germany
Major Industries Iron and Steel, Textile, Food processing and beverages, Fisheries, Electronics, Machinery, Automotive, Chemical, Timber products, Shipbuilding, Medical instruments
Natural Resources Limestone, Natural gas, Oil, Salt, Stone and Gravel, Sand, Fish