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Brussels National Airport is world's biggest chocolate selling point Belgium was the first country to issue electronic passports Nemo 33 is a recreational diving center in Brussels, and has the world's deepest swimming pool Spa had the first casino in Europe, known as La Redoute, which opened in 1763 The highest proportion of female ministers in the world is in Belgium; is also one of the earliest countries to have a female Parliamentarian, way back in 1921 The only man-made structure visible from the moon is the Belgian motorway system, which is visible as a small glittering spot due to the lights all along the motorway network The diamond capital of the world is Antwerp

  Belgium Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 50º 30' N, 4º 30' E
Area 30520 km2
Capital Brussels
Time Zone UTC+1
Official Name Kingdom of Belgium
Currency Euro (EUR)
Government Federal Parliamentary Democracy under a Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature Bicameral
Population 10403951
Independence Date 10/04/30
International Dialing Code 32
ISO Code alpha-3 BE
ISO Code alpha-2 BEL
GDP per Capita (PPP) $36,200.00
Climate Type Temperate Maritime
Major Language(s) Dutch (official), French (official), German (official)
Major Ethnic Groups Fleming, Walloon
Major Religious Groups Christian (Roman Catholic, Protestant)
Administrative Divisions 3 Regions (French: regions; Dutch: gewesten) further divided into 10 Provinces (French: provinces, Dutch: provincies)
Neighbouring Countries France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands
Major Industries Basic metals and metal works, Automobiles, Iron and steel, Engineering and Scientific instruments, Food processing and beverages, Chemical, Textile
Natural Resources Carbonates, Coal, Silica sand