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Mt. Aconcagua (height 22,841 ft/6962 mt) is the tallest mountain in South America, Moreno Glacier of Argentina is amongst the few glaciers in the world that are advancing, By law the president and the vice president of Argentina must be Roman catholic, Laguna del Carbon (depth 344 ft/105 mt) is the lowest point of South America, Ushuaia, located on Tierra del Fuego island, is world's southern most city

  Argentina Facts & Figures
Latitude and Longitude 36º 00' S, 66º 00' W
Area 2767000 km2
Capital Buenos Aires
Time Zone UTC-3
Official Name Argentine Republic
Currency Argentine Peso (ARS)
Government Federal Presidential Republic
Legislature Bicameral
Population 40482000
Independence Date 07/09/16
International Dialing Code 54
ISO Code alpha-3 AR
ISO Code alpha-2 ARG
GDP per Capita (PPP) $13,100.00
Climate Type Temperate, Arid and Subarctic
Major Language(s) English, German, Italian, Spanish (official)
Major Ethnic Groups Amerindian, White, Mestizo
Major Religious Groups Christian (Roman Catholic (official), Protestant), Jewish
Administrative Divisions 23 Provinces and 1 Autonomous City
Neighbouring Countries Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay
Major Industries Mining, Food Processing and beverages, Fisheries, Automobiles, Textile, Metallurgy, Consumer goods, Chemical, Electrical Machinery, Steel
Natural Resources Copper, Iron ore, Lead, Manganese, Oil, Tin, Uranium, Zinc, Cultivable land